LP Systems design and manufacturing is specialized in the engineering and production of electrical equipment for civil and industrial use.

On this web site you can find some examples of our standard products or you can ask for a consultation for engineering of your idea. We are able to develop your projects using the most popular CAD and IDE Software. We can assist our customers directly in our laboratories equipped for carrying out of the electronic experimentations.

Below you can see some examples of our standard products, designed with integration of SolidWorks, Altium DesignerMPLAB-X, Eclipse and some other specific CAD/IDE software:

Ethernet MP3/Ogg Vorbis Broadcaster. A compact all-in system used to streaming your themed radio or alert message.


Embedded MP3 Player and Recorder, a stand alone and compact MP3 format file player and recorder:



Gateway SMS. A small web server for SMS and EMAIL with I/O functionalities:




For more info about our abilities, contact us.