About us


LP Systems derives from the passion of the founder from the ability to try and find practical solutions to common problems, through the synergistic use of electronic and computer technology.

The founder, Luca Pascarella, has wide knowledge deriving from everyday experience in the ICT World. These capabilities have been obtained through years of work done in e-service laboratory, and at the same time through the Master degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Sannio.

LP Systems team has an excellent capacity to conceptualization and designing of digital electronic boards (with microprocessors or microcontrollers), as well as extensive software programming skills. Said skills have been acquired through the study of computer science and through the daily experience with its customers and partners

LP Systems labs the origins

For over two years, LP Systems has carried out systematic consulting for the company ACME Systems, with which, in addition to dealing with the design of new products, it has provided guideline on how to assemble the printed circuit boards (PCBs), from production to delivery phase.

With the experience acquired working daily in the ICT sector, LP Systems in collaboration of Futura Group, provides on market some standard devices, like: Ethernet Broadcaster, Embedded MP3, etc. and their customizations in both software or hardware aspects. Our objective is to: "solve efficiently customers problems".

The custom design can start from the drawing of electric diagrams, so the choice of components can be followed by the design of printed circuit boards and the provision of early prototypes and / or final products. The our philosophy is to satisfy in todos the customer's requests, by following him step by step from the beginning of the conceptualization process until the end of the production chain.

LP Systems and in particular the founder Engineer Luca Pascarella has already offered consulting in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy, especially in the photovoltaics sector, proposing solutions against vandalism, theft and tampering;
  • Energy harvesting, in particular with the ability to conserve electrical energy in systems named "battery free", using the supercapacitors;
  • Energy harvesting with piezoelectric and thermal energy capture;
  • Audio broadcasting themed in some shopping centers and natural parks;
  • Industrial automation (textile, food and chemical), with the care and optimization of industrial processes;
  • Taught "Assembler" and "C" programming in high schools;
  • Popular science on specialized magazines with the design and implementation of complete projects;
  • Modular or integrated systems based on Linux kernel.


LP Systems firmly believes in the quality of the final product, which is why, whenever possible, gives high priority in the selection of Italian and European industries. In pursuing these objectives LP Systems has always received very positive feedback.