Gateway SMS

This hardware is the first and only one ultra low-cost real Gateway SMS. It can be used as Gateway SMS in all small contexts where is necessary receive and send SMS throught web browser (HTML) such as: Radio interactions, events notification, polling and personal alarm notification. Moreover it have other internal hardware capabilities for expand the classic SMS usage, see the following features:

  1. Small dimension PCB layout, large only 90 x 80 mm;
  2. Extended range power supply, from 5V to 40V from universal jack connecor (5.5*2.1mm) or 5V from frontal micro USB connector;
  3. SMS communications using a common SIM card;
  4. Incoming transmission rate up to 20SMS/min;
  5. Outgoing transmission rate up to 20SMS/min;
  6. USB client port with micro USB connector. Double simultaneusly funcionality: Mass storage and Serial Emulator;
  7. Standard Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s port with automatic polarity detection and correction;
  8. Internal Real Time Clock (RTC) with Network Time Protocol (NTP) support;
  9. High computational power with low energy consumes, less then 5W in stand-by mode**;
  10. 2 relays outputs with led indicator, with max 5A at 250Vac;
  11. 2 common optoisolated input with led indicator. Usable with: potential free contact (12V auto generated) or with external voltage sources from 5V to 24V (software selectable);
  12. Thermal sensor with ±0.5 °C (typ) accuracy;
  13. I2C pin strip expansion port;
  14. 5 LED user indicators and 2 tactile switches;
  15. Programmable buzzer indicator;
  16. Extended commercial temperature range (0°C to +85°C);
  17. LP Systems battery free add-ons (Internal UPS) to use Gateway SMS as anti blackout notifier*;
  18. Serial unique ID*;

Software features:

  1. HTML and JQuery web page based, compatible with most important browser (tray it here (the link is now off-line));
  2. Firmware upgradable, trought USB connection or HTTP request;
  3. Customizable firmware support provided by LP Systems agents;
  4. SMS support PDU and Unicode format;
  5. EMail support (SMTP and POP3 for incoming and outgoing support);
  6. DTMF encode and decode functionalities;
  7. Incoming and outgoing RING (free-cost features);



The system is designed to be operating system free (like: Linux, Android or WindowsCE), this feature makes it robust and fast, exploiting the full power of the processor. The absence of the operating system prevents the slowness and the system blocks.
The web pages (HTML) do not pass through standard web server (like Apache or Lighttpd) but are directly processed by the firmware, achieving performance unreachable by any other commercial web servers.
The Gateway SMS can send, receive and display SMS messages through standard LAN Connection using a standard browser (we suggest Chrome) using a normal computer.
When Gateway SMS is connected to Internet it can also forward SMS to EMail or viceversa.



The SMS Gateway has 2 digital inputs (free contacts or self-powered) that are available for manage some Alarms or events. It can notify a change of state through: SMS, EMAIL, DTMF o single ring. It also comes with 2 high power outputs time/temperature based or remotely controllable through: SMS, EMAIL, DTMF o single ring.

All general purpose Input or Output have a LED status indicator and a HTML button in test page.


The extended power range allows the use directly in industrial environment, in a car, in a truck, directly connected to a photovoltaic system or a self-generator to be monitored constantly with the anti black-out system alarm (LP Systems battery free).


 * These features are available only on Elite model.

** When sending and receiving SMS messages you can have absorption peaks higher than 5W.