Engineering on demand


1) Hardware engineering on demand

Using our resources (our labs) we can provide consultancy for the engineering of your ideas. We, also, are able to customize and reengineer our standard products for you.


We are specialized in design of double and multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and through our partners we can provide some preliminary prototypes in a short time, see below:

  • Double layer prototypes 4/8 days + engineering time*;
  • Multilayer prototypes (4 and 6 layers) 5/8 working days + engineering time*;
  • Multilayer prototypes (8 and more) 12 working days + engineering time*;

Our minimum track / gap size (for fast prototypes) is 0.125 mm and minimum drill-end diameter is 0.2mm.


We can provide consulting and realize PCB with the following constraints:

  • Impendence calculation for multylayer PCB;
  • Net lenght equalization for fast signal (Microprocessor, DDR2, NAND, Flash, USB, Ethernet and more);
  • Multilayer routing with appropiate calculation of power plane and signal layers alternation;
  • Drawing of 3D STEP models and supply of all STEP models to our customer for its mechanical design;
  • In house integration of Mechanical engineering with electrical design (SolidWorks + Altium Designer).

In the end we can offer SMT and PTH assembly of your prototypes (in our labs) or we can provide a complete batch of production (through our trusted partners).


The following simple example of Mechanical + Electrical design shows the integration of Schematic engineering, printed circuit board design and mechanical planning in one time:



2) Software development on demand

We can also offer the possibility of develop software in following cases:

  • Microcontrollers firmware with high level features such as: USB, Ethernet, LCD, Bluetooth, WiFi and more;
  • Linux based systems (kernel driver through our partners);
  • Computer native applications** developed in Java or Python for easy porting on different operating systems;
  • Web applications** (HTML, PHP, jQuery, SQL etc.);
  • Android App development and integration with electrical equipment.


Following is a simple example of an integration between a Java based native application and a microcontroller firmware through the USB connection:

LP Systems



3) In practice

For a quick quote of yours idea, send us an e-mail with a brief description of your project at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by this form. In short time we evaluate your request and we reply with a list of the engineering costs of your idea.

 SMS Gateway


* The engineering time will depend on the complexity of the project and it will be fixed and guaranteed in signing phase of the contract. It will start from the moment of the accreditation of the payment on our bank account.

** We develop software only for our pre-engineered boards. We don't offer a software development in the case where the hardware has been designed by third part. This because we have some standards of quality which we can not be guaranteed if the hardware has hidden bugs. Furthermore we do not develop software that has no connection with electronic features (such as Banking software, automatization procedures, etc.). We are able to develop software for all those cases where it is required a low level of skills (and electronic integration) such industrial processes, energy production, etc.