LP Systems

The LP Systems B.V. is an international brand specialized in designing electronic boards, producing low-cost prototypes, and developing real-time software.

Luca Pascarella is the founder and the promoter of the LP Systems B.V. He is an Italian software engineer with more than 15 years of both hardware design and software development background. He proudly leads scientific research in the software engineering field by publishing papers and journals to international conferences. Moreover, Luca likes to write posts and articles for magazines. He actively collaborates with foreign companies by offering his engineering knowledge.


The LP Systems owns a long story in its background. It was born in Italy in 2011 such as spinoff of the ACME Systems S.R.L. when Luca Pascarella starts to co-operate with international brands. During this period, the founder took advantage of that collaboration by creating and characterizing a low-distortion data acquisition prototype designed during his Bachelor Thesis. The latter project led to the creation of a small and portable multifunction data acquisition extension board designed for one of the leading products of the ACME Systems, the FOXG20. Beyond the electronic board design, Luca Pascarella developed a C++ Unix module to implement an analog to numeric Bayesian error correction technique proposed by De Vito et al. [1]. This kernel module dynamically improves the performance of the selected ADC by increasing up to 20 dB the SNR factor [2].

Before founding the LP Systems, Luca Pascarella collaborated with several national companies such as Elsag Datamat S.p.A. (a Finmeccanica owned Company) to design and customize an SMS based system used to track the path of steel rolls in the Genoa port. In addition, he showed his attitude in the publishing by writing up to 21 articles [3] for famous Italian magazines such as IoProgrammo and Elettronica IN. In the meanwhile, he taught Computer Basics and Assembler Programming in a certified private company and in a dedicated course for high school students, respectively.

The young LP Systems grew rapidly and Luca Pascarella created hardware and software projects for companies located within Europe such as Germany, France, and Switzerland, but also, overseas in Georgia (USA). After a successful period, the founder has taken a break in doing the entrepreneur to dedicate himself to a Master course in Software Engineering fully. He graduated cum laude in 2015, after several other international collaborations, he moved to The Netherlands for pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) where he started to collaborate with researchers all over the world by publishing his works in scientific journals [4]. By taking advantage of this new international environment, he founded the LP Systems B.V. in 2019.

In the meanwhile, in collaboration with the Futura Group S.R.L., Luca Pascarella by relying on his expertise in developing firmware for the Microchip Technology Inc. and the VLSI Solution chips to comes up with a bunch of electronic boards dedicated to the MP3 playback and recording. More in deep, the Futura Group S.R.L. has been in charge for years for promoting into the market Luca’s products. The most popular electronic boards that led to the new LP Systems B.V. have been the MP3 module and the Broadcaster. The latter is the pioneer of the Broadcaster electronic boards designed by Luca Pascarella to transmit and receive audio streams over the Internet by using TCP/IP cabled and Wi-Fi networks.

Currently, the LP Systems B.V. maintains and improves own products by redesigning and directly commercializing a new line of Broadcasters.

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