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Audio broadcasting: What the hell

It’s true, streaming multimedia sources is a mess! One consequence of not standardized, as well as, poor standardized stuff is the uncontrolled proliferation of practical solutions that makes things incompatible. Multimedia streaming is not exempt, in the practice, there are uncountable solutions to stream an audio source. Although this is not a complete and exhaustive guide let’s try to clarify a bit with some examples.

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Internet protocols

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) is a conceptual model that characterizes and standardizes the communication functions of a telecommunication network. The OSI model defines a series of 7 abstract layers; each layer accomplishes a specific task (e.g., link, transport, application). Nevertheless, it does not specify the implementation, the structure, or the technology. Contrary, different standards define various deployments, e.g., TCP/IP or IPX/SPX. The actual implementation may vary in accord with the desired goal. Currently, TCP/IP is the most common implementation of the OSI model. It fulfills the layers defined by the OSI model with a suite of protocols belonging to the first 4 layers: linkInternet, transport, and application.

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Broadcaster: The story

The precursor of the Broadcaster board was born such as a didactic project for the Italian Elettronica IN magazine, file numbers 144/145 [1]. It was as a simple communication system designed to create a single point-to-point audio stream. Given the limited availability of microcontrollers able to implement TCP/IP connections, this board may be a pioneer of Internet-based communications. To honor this, the magazine dedicated the cover page to that project. Continue reading Broadcaster: The story

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Discover your Broadcaster

The Broadcaster boards are designed to be easily discovered when attached to your local area network (LAN).

To facilitate this task we designed Broadcaster Discoverer that is a Java app aimed at localizing Broadcaster boards connected to the same LAN where the app is running.

Requirements and usage

To use Broadcaster Discoverer use a computer connected to the same LAN with a Java Virtual Machine installed, then run Broadcaster Discoverer.
On Windows and Mac OS, double-click on the freshly downloaded app.
On Linux, open a terminal and digit bla bla bla