Use Cases

The Broadcasters can fit every daily scenario. In the following, there is an exemplification of the most frequent use cases.

O2O – one-to-one

O2O is the simples use case where a Broadcaster is the media transmitter (server), and a single Broadcaster is the media player (client).


O2L – one-to-lan

O2L allows a Broadcaster as a media transmitter (server), and multiple Broadcasters belonging to the same subnet as media players (clients).


O2S – one-to-some

O2S enables the Pro Broadcaster as a media transmitter (server), and accepts up to 10 Broadcaster media players receivers (clients) spread on the Internet.


O2M – one-to-many

O2M is the most complex architecture where a Broadcaster is the source (client) for a relay server (IceCast or ShoutCast), and several Broadcasters are media players spread on the Internet.


SA – Stand Alone

SA acts are a local media player.